Gunther Hecker // CUE Design

Gunther Hecker is one of Europe’s leading and most acclaimed stage- and lighting designers, whose project scope ranges from architectural lighting to global corporate events within fashion, TV and music industries.

At the young age of eight Gunther was already tuned into the immersive power of live productions, realizing the tremendous potential they possess to create something magical and transport an audience: “show design is a synthesis of the arts. A show doesn’t merely send a message to the audience – it tells a story”.

In the 90s Gunther met one of the most famous bands in Germany, “Die Fantastischen Vier”, and has since produced all of their live show projects. In addition, he has an extensive working history with German Soul and R&B singer/songwriter “Xavier Naidoo” dating back to 1999. German pop-rock sensation Tokio Hotel, musician Herbert Groenemeyer as well as the Scorpions are a few more artists Gunther has worked with in the past, alongside large international companies such as Nike or Mercedes Benz.

In addition to working with musicians, Gunther also has a rather extensive background within other sectors of the production industry. In 2006 he designed the “Sky Arena” in Frankfurt for the 2006 World Cup – an award winning project with a budget spanning over 7 million euro.

But despite his vast catalogue of experience, what truly sets Gunther apart from other great designers? What factors determine and distinguish his unique style and craftsmanship? The answer is rather simple: he places himself in the audience’s shoes. Quite literally taking their vantage point, he is able to craft a phenomenal show by infusing his creations with opera-esque dramaturgy: “The foremost aim is to surprise the audience and create ethereal moments”., Gunther consistently infuses his productions by mixing and matching from his palette of unusual effects and goes above and beyond to create unforgettable moments.

Being a musician as well as a trained theatre decorator, in addition to having a vast array of experience in theatre and touring productions, Gunther knows how to captivate an audience and craft immersive shows. His shows always strive to bring the artist closer to the audience and the audience closer to the artist. His unique style reveals itself in the symbioses of art, architecture and show effects.